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The Sick and Elderly Program of the Hill is a home health care program. It was founded and directed and operated by John and RoseMarie Bianchi.  Their daughter, Debbie Bianchi-Hilderbrand is now the Director and operator, assisted by her husband, children, and brothers.  All hours and work are totally volunteer. The program provides medical equipment and supplies, free of charge, to the residents of the Hill neighborhood. It operates, financially, by donations and the annual fundraiser- the Ravioli Dinner held on the 4th Sunday of September.


John and RoseMarie began this program 48 years ago with lots of prayers and love. It started very modestly with one person and quickly grew into many. John, RoseMarie and their family learned as they went and soon were very adept at Medicare information, basic physical therapy and nursing practices. They took all calls, no matter what time of day or night and went to the person/family whenever they needed them. More often than not, if a person called requesting supplies, the item/s were delivered within 48 hours. This type of care and service has not changed. John and Rose and their children still are available all hours and deliver within 48 hours if the item is in inventory. John and RoseMarie have also had many of the neighborhood youth assist with some of the aspects of the Program. Many students have to attain a certain number of community service hours for their school. They call on John and Rose, and are put to work either delivering, organizing the inventory, or simply sitting with a patient.

2013 brought a new product to the program. John and Rose now provide Mobile Help Alert pendants to our clients. This allows them to have help at home or while they are out. They simply press the button and someone will send the assistance necessary. John and Rose provide the equipment and pay for the monthly connection.

The program has serviced over 6000 people and currently services 100. The monthly budget for the program is $4,000.00 and this covers most of the disposable items (bed pads, Depends, etc).  This also covers the Mobile Help units that we have provided to our residents.  We are always looking for help and ways to improve, however, one thing will always remain constant: THE LOVE AND RESPECT FOR THE HERITAGE AND PEOPLE OF THE HILL NEIGHBORHOOD.

Our Philosphy

To respect the heritage and care for the people of the Hill neighborhood

Our Board

Debbie Bianchi-Hilderbrand – Chairwoman of the Board/ Director
Bob Bianchi – President
Jim Bianchi – Vice President
John Bianchi, Jr – Board Member
Steve Hilderbrand – Board Member
Alyssa Hilderbrand- Board Member

Hill Boundries


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Ravioli Dinner


Updates and Pictures

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our parents and founders of The Sick and Elderly Program of The Hill, Inc. John and RoseMarie passed away in 2017. RoseMarie passed on November 3 and John on December 15. We miss them deeply and want to assure everyone that this program will continue on in their honor. We are working diligently to keep the superior service that the Hill residents have been accustomed to. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Ravioli Dinner in September!


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